Global Online Business Discussion Forum

The leading international B2B marketplace Bizbilla provides global online business discussion forum for discussing about various business related topics with business persons all over the world.

Online forum which also can be termed as a message board is a discussion platform where people can start a conversation or reply to the existing discussion. A single conversation can be termed either as a thread or topic which can be replied by many people. It is place where knowledge is shared with one another, valuable advice/tips are obtained and doubts are clarified mutually.

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You can introduce yourself, about your business products & services and discuss on the topics such as business talks, business news, business ideas & opportunities, investment, fundraising & working capital, employment of manpower, marketplaces, traditional marketing, internet marketing, advertisements, business events, business categories, quality & planning, taxation, banking & finance, legal and regulatory issues, IT business solutions, e-commerce, work from home, global business markets, business sourcing, franchising and share your valuable feedbacks and suggestions about the international online business discussion board of Bizbilla over there.

This discussion platform connects business persons across the globe and enables them to share your thoughts, ideas & views related to business with others and to get solutions for the doubts they have related to it from being in any part of the world.

Take part in the business discussion forum and build connections with the network of business people worldwide.

Worldwide trade shows directory

Know about the upcoming trade shows across the world along with the essential information in the leading global B2B portal Bizbilla.

Trade shows are fairs that are organized by companies/businesses from various industries to exhibit their products & services, exchange information with the participants/exhibitors of the events and for knowing the latest business & market trends. It can also be termed as trade fairs, trade exhibitions, trade events and trade expo. It is important for businesses to take part and organize trade events.

In the worldwide trade shows directory, you can get the details regarding the trade exhibitions that are going to be held in various countries across the globe on various industries. Bizbilla makes your search for trade fairs easy by enabling you to find the respective trade expo by country, industry and month. You can also view all the trade expos organized by a particular trade show organizer.

Get the details such as description about the trade show, image, venue, date, state & county name, organizer details, visitors information and contact details in the global trade shows directory of the prominent international B2B marketplace Bizbilla. You can contact the respective trade show organizer by sending message and if you wish, you can refer a particular trade event to your friend too via Bizbilla.

Are you going to organize a trade show?

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Whether you are a trade fair exhibitor/organizer, you can post your trade shows for free by giving the needed information. As a free member of Bizbilla, the details you are expected to give are event title, date, venue, country, category (main & sub), organizer’s name, email address & mobile number and information about the event.

If you are not a Bizbilla member, in addition to these details you have provide information such as your name, email id, country, mobile number, business type and company name.

Bizbilla is the right platform for both trade show organizers/exhibitors and visitors to view and show case trade events globally.

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Post your Sell Offers for Free

You can post your sell offers for free by providing the required information in the global B2B marketplace Bizbilla.

Global sell offers directory:-

Information posted by you will be displayed in sell offers page of Bizbilla. One can view sell offers posted by worldwide suppliers on various product categories along with the necessary details over there.

The international sell offers directory in Bizbilla displays the sell offers along with the information such as short description, image, company, country, offer expiry date, place of origin, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), supply capacity, payment methods, packaging details, delivery time and preferred price.

If you are a buyer, you can send inquiry to the supplier describing the requirements in brief, mentioning the required quantity and also can request for price, MOQ, payment terms company profile & shipping terms by selecting check box.

Post your sell offers for free:-

As a supplier, you can post sell offers for free by providing the name of the product you sell, selecting the appropriate category, mentioning the sell offer description in detail and uploading proper image in the leading international B2B portal Bizbilla.

Benefits of posting sell offers:-

Posting sell offers in Bizbilla will

* Reduce the time spent by suppliers in searching for the buyers.

* Help them in promoting their business.

* Enable them to reach worldwide buyers easily.

* Help them to get inquiries from potential buyers. 

* Enable them to close profitable business deals.

Post your sell offers in Bizbilla for free and get inquiries from buyers across the world.

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Global B2B buyers directory

The eminent global B2B portal Bizbilla provides the list B2B buyers on various product categories across the world along with the required details.

Buyer is a person who buys or make purchase from another person/company/business in exchange of money or anything related to it. A buyer can be called as a purchaser, customer, consumer, client, trader, vendee etc..,

You can find wholesale buyers from various industries across the world in the global B2B buyers directory. Bizbilla portrays buyer’s information such as country name, category, membership type and website.

Are you a supplier?

For contacting a buyer, you can send inquiry to the buyer by introducing your company & location and mentioning required information in brief.

Are you a buyer?

You can register for free in the international B2B marketplace Bizbilla as a buyer. It enables you to send inquiries to the suppliers, connect with them and get quotations from them. You can also post your buying needs for free in Bizbilla.

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Electronic Components And Supplies B2B Marketplace

Bizbilla is the global electronic components and supplies B2B marketplace which bridges the gap between the electronic components and supplies manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, buyers, sellers, dealers, distributors and wholesalers worldwide enabling them connect with each other and thereby prosper in their business.

The electronic components and supplies have great demand in 2016 due to the rise in electronics market. Electronic components has two main types namely passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors) and active components (diodes, transistors and integrated circuits). Among which the passive components seen a massive growth in recent days.

These electronic components are used mainly in automotive industry and next comes the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected devices. The countries where the growth of electronic components and supplies is seen are mainly in UK and Europe. Growth rate in electronic components and supplies is a great news for the wholesale electronic components and supplies suppliers and buyers across the globe.

Here is a golden opportunity for people doing electronic components and supplies business to expand their business globally. The leading international B2B portal Bizbilla provides them with enormous benefits.

The global electronic components and supplies directory of Bizbilla displays electronic components and supplies products, sell offers, buying needs, wholesale suppliers and buyers worldwide. It portrays the upcoming trade shows across the world by country and month along with required information.

Are you doing electronic components and supplies?

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List your electronic components and supplies for free in the global B2B portal Bizbilla and enhance your business globally. You will get a responsive & user friendly website for your business with Content Management System (CMS).

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You can post your electronic components and supplies products, sell offers and buying needs for free by providing the required details. Bizbilla enables you to post electronic components and supplies trade shows for free. 

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Download Bizbilla B2B Android App for your electronic components and supplies business which enables you to carry out your business in your mobile itself by being anywhere and at anytime.

Amazing features of Bizbilla:-

The leading electronic components and supplies B2B platform Bizbilla offers various service features at reasonable cost. It includes business classifieds, B2B classifieds, upgrading to verified/ premium membership, booking banner for your electronic components and supplies business in Bizbilla homepage, country page, city page and booking bulk banners in city pages.

You can post your electronic components and supplies B2B classifieds under the appropriate category/industry in your city or preferred city of any country.

Register your electronic components and supplies business with Bizbilla and expand it globally. 

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Global B2B Suppliers Directory

Get the list of B2B suppliers on various product categories across the globe in the prominent B2B marketplace Bizbilla.
A supplier can be referred as a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, dealer, merchant, vendor or an exporter who supplies goods. In the global B2B suppliers directory, you can find worldwide wholesale suppliers along with their business/company website, country name and membership details.

You can view the website of the supplier to get the information about their company/business, products, sell offers, images, videos, brochures etc.., If you would like to get in touch with the suppliers and get quotations from them, you can send inquiry to particular supplier mentioning clearly about your requirements, specifications of products that you need, company details and location.
If you are a supplier, then you can join for free in the global B2B portal Bizbilla, connect with worldwide buyers and get inquiries from them.
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Global B2B Services Directory

The leading international B2B portal Bizbilla showcases the list of B2B services on various categories listed by business people across the globe. It has about 9,643 services categories covering various industries worldwide.

Global B2B services directory portrays accounts & financial services, advertising, agricultural, architectural services, astrology & vaastu services, building survey, geotechnical & soil investigation services, business services, call centers & BPO services, charted accountants, civil contractors, builders & developers, civil engineering & structural engineering services, educational & training institutes, embassies consulates & councils, engineering services, event management services, facility management, financial & legal services, food & catering services, hotels & restaurants, HR consultants, independent contractors, IT & telecom services, material testing, product testing, instrument calibration & quality services, matrimonial services, media, PR & publishing Services, medical services, photo & video services, product rental services, real estate, repair and maintenance services, research & development, tenders, translation services, transportation & shipping and travel & tourism.

Get details of services listed in Bizbilla such as name & image of the services offered, name of the company that provides the service along with country name, service updated date, services offered regions along with short description about the service. You can contact the respective service provider and send inquiry by describing your requirement in brief.

If you are a service provider, you can list your services for free in the global B2B marketplace Bizbilla. Before that you need to register as a free member where you will get a separate dashboard. You can post your B2B services under the relevant B2B service category along with the required details over there.

You can get genuine inquires from business persons across the world by listing your B2B services in Bizbilla.

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